Tom Gran
and Kayleigh Gibbons

Tom Gran (born UK, 1988) and Kayleigh Gibbons (born UK, 1988) both currently live and work in Bristol, UK.

Gran received a BTEC from the University of Gloucestershire (Gloucestershire, UK) in 2007 and a BA from the University of the West of England (Bristol, UK) in 2010.

Gibbons received a BTEC from Plymouth College of Art (Plymouth, UK) in 2007 and a BA from the University of the West of England (Bristol, UK) in 2010.

Their films have screened internationally at the Film Leben Festival (Limenau, Germany) in 2012, One Young World (Zurich, Switzerland) in 2011, the World Peace Festival (Berlin, Germany) in 2011, Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival (Bristol, UK) in 2011, and at Animanima International Animation Festival (Čačak, Serbia) in 2010.

Gran and Gibbons have been included in a group exhibition at Centrespace Gallery (Bristol, UK) in 2011.

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“We are independent film-makers based in Bristol, England working individually as well as occasionally collaborating together with composer Paul Burke. Our films are often built around a conflict between the organic and the inorganic to give a sense of humanity’s struggles without directly dealing with human characters.

This piece is built around the theme of fear and paranoia—the idea that our own defenses can become a prison from which it’s impossible to escape. A society of living threads desperately try to support hundreds of bladed objects in mid-air, terrified of what might happen if they fall.”